Early Music Education for Underserved Families

Unlock your child's potential through music!

Early Childhood Music Education
for Underserved Communities
in South Florida


Unlock a Child's Potential with Music FUNdamentals!


Friends of South Florida Music (FSFM),  a non-profit foundation, understands the importance of these subjects and why young children are particularly in need of art and music. Unfortunately, these important programs are not taught by a music specialist until 2nd Grade in most of our public schools which led to the development of the Music FUNdamentals program.

Music FUNdamentals is a proven basic music education class specifically designed for early elementary age children. This program is designed for schools that do not have music programs and that, in most cases, are in disadvantaged areas of South Florida so that children will not miss out on this critical aspect of a complete education.

Your help will allow FSFM to sustain and expand Music FUNdamentals to reach as many underserved children as possible. Dr. Joy, the Executive Director of the foundation, has been a private, public and college music educator for over thirty years.


Our Executive Director, Dr. Joy Galliford, was recently named the 2021 Non-Profit Honoree for Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade.

She explains the mission of our foundation in her acceptance speech at the 22nd Annual Thelma Gibson Awards Gala. Enjoy!


The (Dr.) Joy of music: Local educator reaches kids through the power of song

The (Dr.) Joy of music: Local educator reaches kids through the power of song

Walk the halls of the Key Biscayne K-8 Center these days, and you might very well hear little voices lifted in song, the jingle of bells and the rattle of maracas, the rhythmic beat of hands and feet tapping in time. Peek inside the classrooms, and you'll see kids moving, having fun and while it may not be as visible gaining some of the most crucial aspects of early childhood development.

It's all part of a very special music initiative that Dr. Joy Galliford is bringing not only to the local school but Frederick Douglass Elementary in inner-city Miami...

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Unlock a Child’s Potential
The result of an early childhood music education is to develop a life-long love of learning & more meaningful connections with the world
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